Instagram wrapped - Get ready for Top Nine 2023.

Wrapped 2023 launched this week. Now, get ready to see your Instagram feed full of grids.

Every year, Spotify’s Wrapped captures the attention of millions, showcasing a summary of users’ year on Spotify - their most-listened-to artists and songs. As this viral trend begins to fade, the spotlight shifts to the next big viral trend: Top Nine. This annual tradition sees millions of Instagram users, influencers, and celebrities sharing their top nine posts of the year.

Top Nine vs Spotify wrapped

Top Nine has often been compared to Instagram’s version of Wrapped. However, it might come as a surprise that Top Nine was launched before Spotify’s Wrapped, back in 2016.

The trend got viral when Kylie Jenner used the Top Nine app and shared her Top Nine, featuring “Stormy and Kendall”. Many other celebrities and influencers followed, turning it into the biggest Instagram trend and tradition.

Over the years, Top Nine has evolved, introducing new features and templates. Yet, its essence remains unchanged: a grid showcasing your Top Nine Instagram moments of the year.

Annually, the Top Nine app makes it to the number one spot in the App Store in the US, Canada, the UK, and many other countries worldwide.

As the trend grew every year, many clone apps appeared. However, only the Top Nine app makes it to the #1 spot of the App Store every end of the year. We are not affiliated with any app called wrapped.

Many of the clones claim to be able to tell you who viewed your posts and other stuff like that. We posted a privacy and security warning against using alternatives to Top Nine. You can read the full warning here.

What to expect in 2023

This year, generating your Top Nine is easier than ever. Simply go to the Top Nine website and enter your Instagram handle to find your top moments.

While Top Nine was built for Instagram, it is not offered by Instagram itself. In fact, Instagram launched its own Reels template for its year-in-review feature. However, Instagram users still choose Top Nine to find and share the Top Nine Instagram moments of their year.

Ready to find out what your Top Nine instagram moments of the year were?